Procurement transformation project, with an increase in the centralization of indirect purchases by 156%, saving over R$ 57 million, categorizing expenses, increasing the strategic importance of the area, reviewing the organization chart, implementing the item registration and review of purchasing policy

Procurement transformation project, with a saving of R$ 165 million, structuring a program of selection and development of young talents, coaching for management leadership, systematization in the use of electronic tools, re-design of the prospecting office and supplier development in Shanghai - China, support in the evaluation and selection of the e-procurement system, support in the elaboration of the Strategic Plan 2020 for Procurement.

Project to hire a new logistics operator, with an increase in OTIF (on time in full) to 95%, a reduction of 17% in the freight bill, implementation of key performance indicators, a 40% reduction in markup on purchasing management and application of strategic sourcing methodology.

Procurement transformation project, with saving of R$ 15 million, increase of the average payment term in 31 days, centralization and categorization of expenses, analysis of processes and systems, support in the evaluation and selection of e-procurement systems, contract review and procurement policy and strategic sourcing.

Procurement transformation project, with a 95% centralization of expenses, saving of R$ 40 million, standardization of materials and technical scopes and implementation of the map of supplies for the project Hospitals with consolidated purchases of 5 works in progress.

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